A.P. Self is a self-confessed Christian and geek, as well as being an actual rocket scientist and writer. Due to a rather nomadic childhood, she is not quite from anywhere. Except perhaps the South. (Discounting her time in Hawaii, California, and...Orlando. Once you're that south in Florida, you're not longer "in the South.") However, she currently lives in the middle of the desert, in a place she once thought made up by Bugs Bunny: Albuquerque. 

If there are three things in life she believes in it's this:

(1) God, Jesus, & the whole Christianity shebang
(2) Conservation of Mass, Newtonian Physics, & the Big Bang*
(3) Stories have the power to transform our lives

The point of this site is mainly to explore how science and stories give AP a greater understanding of God, herself, and the whole of creation. It might be a rambly journey at times--perhaps one that should've taken a left in Albuquerque--but it's sure as hell going to be a fun one.

*Note: I don't actually know enough about that sort of physics to say whether the theory of an expanding universe is any better than any of the other theories of how the universe started. I'm not sure anyone knows enough about that sort of physics. But it rhymed with shebang and I thought it was clever. You'll just have to forgive me if it's not.