Moses and the Plagues (Moses Part 4)

Note: When I did this lesson I was pressed for time. Also the teacher of the other hour of Middle School Sunday School was sick, so I taught both hours, so there wasn't as much reason for me to write up a pretty post explaining all my notes. So this post is basically just my notes. Next time I do this set of lessons I will come back and pretty this up, but for now, I present my notes.

Summary of Last Lesson

  • Moses comes to free the Israelites, Pharaoh says no, Israelites lose faith, and no one is happy.

Exodus 7:8-13: Staffs turn to snakes

  • Staff turns to snake.
  • This a sign that literally hurts no one, but pharaoh is unmoved by it. This is basically the warning shot across the bow.

Exodus 7:20-25: WATER TO BLOOD

  • Moses turns the water into blood.
  • Pharaoh’s magicians pull off the same trick
  • Pharaoh is like “meh”
  • People dig wells since they have nothing else to drink
  • God leaves it that way for seven days


  • Frogs are called. It’s super annoying.(Note: I described this to them as "frogs on your bed, frogs in your bathroom, you can't step without stepping on frogs, you're sitting in your seat and frogs in your lap. FROGS EVERYWHERE." And the Middle Schoolers were like O.O )
  • Pharaoh’s magicians pull off the same trick but Pharaoh is super annoyed
  • Pharaoh is basically like “okay okay, I’ll let you go just let it stop”
  • Moses is like “cool. Lemme tell God”
  • God stops it and Pharaoh is like “PSYCHE”
  • The people are not set free

Exodus 8:16-19: GNATS

  • Gnats are called and magicians can not recreate it. Magicians are like “surely this is God.” They beg pharaoh to relent he’s like “nah bro”
  • (Note: Imagine one of those swarms of gnats you occasionally walk into when you're outside are just around your head constantly and you can't get rid of them.)

Exodus 8:25-32: Flies and Pharaoh tries to compromise

  • Plague of flies is very similar to plague of gnats
  • Remember this three day journey to sacrifice is what was originally asked for. Pharaoh finally seems annoyed enough by all these plagues to want to allow it
  • But not TOO far, Pharaoh says. 
  • Moses stops the flies, and Pharaoh is like “PSYCHE” no one gets to go no where

Exodus 9:6-7: Livestock die

  • The moment when plagues go from mere annoyances to having for realz lasting consequences.
  • God kills the Egyptian livestock but not the Hebrew ones
  • If we look back to verse 9:3 we see this includes horses, donkeys, camels, herds, and any flocks. So basically everything.
  • Pharaoh is still like NEWP.

Exodus 9:8-12: plague of boils

  • So is a boil is basically an infected hair follicle or oil gland. It gets all red, turns into a lump, and like gets pus. So it’s a lot like a pimple but imagine it’s everywhere and can be accompanied by a fever and like swollen lymph nodes because it’s basically a staph infection in your hair follicles. Very unpleasant. This could also lead to sores which are also unpleasant and can be like blisters. So basically imagine this is a whole bunch of skin infections all over your body.
  • The magicians in this scenario are like “we can’t even show up because this is so freaking awful and painful”
  • Pharaoh is still like “newp”

Exodus 9:18-35: Hail

  • Hail is something you guys are familiar with, but it can be huge and deadly.
  • This plague is interesting because some Egyptians did listen to God and brought in all their stuff, because by this time they were like “WE GET IT. GOD IS POWERFUL.”
  • But other Egyptians didn’t listen.
  • The hail was so bad anyone who was out in it died and it destroyed the crops, though not all of them. And that’s going to be important for the next plague, because it shows the Egyptians still hav something, they still have something to lose.
  • Pharaoh once again does his whole “if you stop it I’ll let you go.” So Moses stops it and then Pharaoh is like “PSYCHE” once again

Exodus 10:3-11: Locusts

  • Locusts are bugs that come in and eat EVERYTHING. Like swarms of locusts are still something farmers fear.
  • So Moses is like this is going to happen! And you will have nothing left. The food that remains will be gone!!!!
  • Pharaoh is lke “FINE. You can go, but….who are you taking?”
  • Moses: EVERYONE
  • Pharaoh: uh, no. Not gonna happen. Rather have locusts.

Exodus 10:13-20

  • Locusts come, Pharaoh freaks out, asks for them to be removed, Moses does so, Pharaoh doesn’t let nobody go nowhere

Exodus 10:21-29: Darkness

  • Darkness for three days. That is terrifying.
  • Pharaoh is like “okay you can go but leave your livestock”
  • Moses is like “we kinda need it’
  • Pharaoh is like “THEN FINE YOU STAY”

End note: Originally I had intended to go all the way through the final plague in this lesson, but the class discussion was such that we didn't make it that far. So next lesson will be the final plague and passover!