A Year in Movies: 2017

I do really need to get back to reviewing the movies I watch, but in the meantime, here is my look back on movies that came out in 2017. I had to limit this list just to movies that came out this year, or else we'd be here all day! 

In no particular order:. 

  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming: I see every Marvel movie, it's what I do. But even I was hesitant about yet another Spider-Man movie. Despite this, this movie delivers, and the moment in the car with Peter Parker and the Vulture was a truly chilling and tense moment. I wish Tony Stark was a bit better of a mentor figure, but ah well. Still really enjoyed it. (Should actually be a podcast episode coming out about this one in the near future.)
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2: For my full thoughts on this movie, check out the podcast episode about it. But basically a really fun space romp. 
  3. Beauty and the Beast: The live action remake inexplicably doesn't include any of the songs from the stage version (despite using some of the musical themes in the background music) but I still loved it. It will never supersede the original version in my heart, but still an enjoyable movie.
  4. Wonder Woman: I waited my entire life for this movie. It was worth it. I want to watch this movie every day for the rest of my life. Go see it now. For my more nuanced thoughts, check out the podcast on the topic.
  5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Another movie you can check out a podcast for. Overall, I really liked it. I have mediocre (at best) feelings about The Force Awakens, but this is a Star Wars movie I actually want to see again. 
  6. The Lego Batman Movie: The best Batman movie ever made. Hands down. If you like Batman and haven't seen this movie...what are you even doing? Go see it now!
  7. Logan: The perfect example of how a franchise can be used properly to deliver emotional stories that could not be told outside of a franchise. This movie, you guys. It's dark and violent and yet...hopeful. You should see it.
  8. The Boss Baby: Actually really enjoyable! I wasn't expecting to enjoy it and yet I did. It's all about an older brother getting used to the idea he has to share his parents, wrapped in a crazy adventure. It was really fun.
  9. Thor: Ragnorak: I left this movie for last because I love the Thor franchise. I love it. So my expectations for this movie were off the charts. Loki is literally my favorite Marvel character, and I adore Thor. Even with my high expectations, this movie delivered. It was hilarious, but more importantly it used it's villain well to further Thor and Loki's stories. Hela is a direct mirror of them and it's...it's amazing. I'll probably write a whole blogpost about this at some point. 

And that's this year's movies! Did I miss any movies that came out in 2017 that are a must-see?